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CALL FOR PAPERS: Special Issue of International Journal of Research and Reviews in Applied Sciences

Issue Title: "Progress in Atmospheric Electricity and Lightning Discharge"
Deadline for submissions : 31 September, 2011
Tentative publication date:   30 November, 2011
Publication, Processing and hard copy delivery fee: USD 85

Special Issue on Progress In Atmospheric Electricity and Lightning Discharge accepts papers representing original research works and reviews, perspective, short communications and letters to the editor. The Objectives of this Special Issue is to assemble high quality papers from the recent research and development related to lightning. The range of topics is listed below and the manuscript should be written in English.

Topics include but are not limited to:

1. Electricity in Atmosphere
a. Cloud charging mechanisms
b.Cloud charge structure
c. Fair-weather electricity
d. Electrical Effects of Thunderstorms on the Middle and Upper Atmosphere,
e. Atmospheric dynamics and Cloud Electricity
f. Contribution of atmospheric pollution to space charge
g. Global electric budget

2. Nature of Lightning
a. Initiation, propagation and inception of lightning
b. Observed properties of natural and triggered lightning
c. Measurement techniques and instrumentation
d. Modeling of lightning processes
e. Interaction of the lightning flashes with the Earth's atmosphere
f. Trace gas production by lightning flashes
g. Lightning electromagnetic fields: measurements and modeling

3. Lightning Occurrence
a. Lightning detection and mapping techniques
b. Performance characteristics of locating systems
c. Characterization of lightning data
d. Modeling of lightning processes

4. Lightning Attachment
a. Processes involved in lightning attachment to an object
b. Lightning incidence to structures
c. Effectiveness of air terminals
d. Laboratory simulation and computer modeling
e. Side flashes and surface arcing
f. Earthing electrodes under surge conditions
g. Current and voltage distributions

5. Lightning Protection of Power Systems, Structures and Electronic Systems
a. Lightning Performance of overhead lines
b. Coupling to overhead and buried conductors, structures and systems
c. Insulation coordination
d. Surge protection devices and schemes
e. Protection of special installations and systems (high towers, windmills, vehicles, aircraft, etc)
f. Coupling to/from power supply circuits
g. Shielding, cabling, bonding and grounding

6. Lightning Safety and Medicine
a. Keraunomedicine problems
b. Lightning hazard to humans and animals
c. Lightning death, injury and damage statistics
d. Risk assessment, acceptable risk levels
e. Protection of humans and animals
f. Lightning safety and education

7. Lightning Standards
a. Present status and the need for revisions
b. Application guidelines
c. Harmonization among different standards

The manuscripts should be submitted online by clicking here. Please include in the description that this manuscript is submitted for publication in the special issue on Lightning. 

Guest Editors:
MZA Ab Kadir , (Guest Editor-in-Chief)
Universiti Putra Malaysia.
C Gomes ,
Universiti Putra Malaysia,
AG Diego,
Instituto De Investigaciones Electricas,
MA Cooper ,
University of Illinois,
FR Campos
National University of Colombia,
G R Nagabhushana
Indian Institute of Science ,
M H Shwehdi
King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals,
Saudi Arabia.
M Ahmed

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